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Phil, Kick for Dana-Farber’s Patient Partner, is a lifelong soccer fan who doesn’t let cancer hold him back from his love of the sport. He lives in Worcester, MA with his family and his dog, Tucker, who is always by his side. He has played on a long list of soccer teams and even went to the NCAA playoffs his senior year at Westfield State College. Sports have always been a huge part of his life.

While treating Phil for a sports injury in 2008, his doctors found a grade 2 Anaplastic Astrocytoma brain tumor. Noticing this early on allowed his medical team to treat it before he showed many symptoms. Phil even played soccer during his treatment and found it was a good way to shake off the side effects of chemotherapy.

Years later, another sports injury revealed that his tumor had started to grow again. Phil suffered a seizure, lost consciousness and fractured his cochlea when he fell on the soccer field. He’s since had to stop playing soccer due to concussions related to his tumor. The left side of his body was paralyzed during one of his surgeries to remove part of his tumor, located on the motor area of his brain. Phil has stayed strong throughout different treatments to slow and stop growth of his tumor and has held on to his connection to the soccer community he loves through it all.

Phil’s dedicated doctors and nurses at Dana-Farber keep a close eye on his progress and maintain a positive outlook, helping him work toward his goals. This past fall, Phil remained involved in soccer by coaching a high school team at Bancroft School in Worcester. Until he can play soccer again himself, he is happy to teach his team skills on the field and is proud to share with them lessons he’s learned in his fight against cancer.

Phil, his family and friends are so thankful for your efforts on behalf of the Kick for Dana-Farber program. Your unwavering support enables Dana-Farber to continue to provide world-class, lifesaving care to Phil and so many others.

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